[Guide] How to Flash Official Factory Firmware With LG Launcher |Offline Method|

Download The Lg Mobile Launcher
Download And Installed LG Mobile Drivers
Your Phone Model And Serial Number is Here

Now Boot Your phone Into Download Mode Off Cell Phone
Now Press Volume up + Volume Down Button
And Insert Usb Cable | Driver Installing First Time | 
Now Start The LG Mobile Launcher 
And Click on Option --> Upgrade Recovery
Putt Your Phone Model And Serial number

After Putting Model And Serial number click On ok
It should now download the firmware  and flash it - this may take some time.

After that you should do a factory reset or you will stuck in a bootloop:-
1. Turn the phone off.
2. Press and hold Volume Down Key + Power/Lock Key at the same time.
3. Release the keys when the FACTORY HARD RESET screen appears.
4. Read the warning and press the Power/ Lock Key to confirm. Press any other key to cancel.
5. Press the Power/Lock Key to confirm once more or press any other key to cancel.
6. Your device will perform a hard reset.,