LG F160 L/S/K ROOT and Recovery for 4.0 and 4.1 without pc 100% tested

Rooting Method:
Download and install frama-root Apk Software

After Installing Open it And Follow This Steps
1- Select Install Superuser

2-After Selecting Click On Gandalf 

When you Click On Gandalf, Superuser Install In your Phone in 2 Second
And Your Phone Is Rooted 

3- Restart The Phone

Recovery Method:

Download and install LG F-160 Recovery Apk

Open it and Click On Recovery Apply

Now Recovery is installed Click On Reboot

now you have successfully rooted your phone and install 
custom recovery


I did it as such but my lg f160 mobile show now security error on booting, now also my mobile not connect to PC.

try Another Data cable. And Also Installed LGunited Mobile Driver In PC

No its not accessible even not by any mobile repair man in market, however several checked its hardware parts I.e all buttons,jeck base, cable etc. Everything is cleared. But still not connected.
Plz zzzz help.

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