How to Enable 3G Data in Korean Phones like |Sky||LG|

When We Enable 3-G Data but not Enabling and not showing 3-G icon on status bar How to Solve it Follow These Steps 
1-Go To Mobile Setting Goto More Then Click On mobile Network

2-Now Click On Access Point Name If Your ISP Setting Available In access Point So Simply Tick On first Mean Enable

 It If Your ISP Setting Is Not Available In Access Point So Create A New Access Point And Inter Setting Manually And Save it.

3- Now restart the phone and check If Now Its Working So Enjoy If its not working Then Again goto mobile setting goto more then click on network type and select wcdma type go back and check I hope Now 3G is working

4- if you use Korean mobile sky vega and Network type not showing in your phone setting so dail Thia code ##7593# and Select |WCDMA All| Type Then Restart and Check.