How To Write/Repair imei On All Mediatek Chipset 100% Tested Method

Some Reason's Of  imei invalid Or Null 
  1. Flashing Custom Rom 
  2. Flashing Wrong Root Files
  3. During Upgrading Or Downgrading
How To Repair Invalid Or Null IMEI

Many Ways And Many Software Available On Internet Of Writing Write IMEI
Today I Tested A IMEI Writer Software |Maui Meta 3G| Write IMEI On Huawei LUA-U22

How To Repair Invalid Or Null IMEI
  1. Install Maui Meta 3G In-to PC Or Laptop | Window 7 OS Recommended|
  2. Now Download Root Explorer Apk From Play Store or Click Here
  3. After Installing Root Explorer In Phone Open it And Copy BPLG File From System/etc/mddb On Phone Memory Or In Memory Card Then Copy In-to PC Or Laptop Which You Use
  4. Now Power Off The Phone And Remove battery For 5 Second Then Insert Again
  5. Ok Now Run Maui Meta 3G From Desktop icon
  6. Now Click On Option Button And Then Click On |Connect Smart Phone Into Meta Mode|

     7. Now Click On Reconnect Button And Then Attach Your Phone With PC Via Data Cable
     8. After Attaching Phone Stuck On Logo it's Mean Now Phone Successfully Connect In                         Meta-Mode. Some Phone After Attaching Not Going Into Meta-Mode Auto So Just Press
        Power Button For 3 Sec.
        Now Open Device Manager And Watch CDC Driver Is Missing Just Download Above                        Given CDC Driver And Update Manually Trough Device Manager.
     9. Now Disconnect The Phone And Close Maui Meta 3G
     10. Now Run Again Maui Meta 3G And Attach Phone Via Above Method.
     11. When Phone Successfully Connected In-to Meta Mode Light Color Yalow And Drop
           Down Menu Appear  Now Select IMEI Download From Drop Down Menu

     12. After Selecting IMEI Download A pop-up Appear Like Image
    13. Now Click On Change NVRM Data Base File And Select BPLG File That Already You Copy           From Phone In-to PC
    14. Now Write First 14 Digit Of Your Phone IMEI Sim 1 And Also Write First 14 Digit Of IMEI             Sim 2      
    15. After Writing 14 Digit Select Sim 1 And Click On Download To Flash Then Select Sim 2
          And Click On Download To Flash 
IMEI Writing Done Now Remove The Battery And Insert Again And Power ON And Check The IMEI *#06#